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Alessandra Torre, Peter Mehlman, Chris Allen,
Bruce Holbert, Victoria Patterson, Steve Berry,
Ann Lewis Hamilton, Gabe Abelson, J Scott Fuqua,
Jay Bonansinga

what they write

Alessandra Torre tells gripping tales she claims are erotica. Peter Mehlman, a pillar of Seinfeld, has an idiosyncratically ironic eye. Chris Allen trades in thrillers that may contain more than a hint of truth.

Bruce Holbert is the thriftiest of writers, building the finest sentences. Victoria Patterson artfully skewers the upper class, of Orange County, California. Steve Berry creates intricate mysteries against a backdrop of notional history.

Ann Lewis Hamilton writes serious stories in a shrewdly droll style. Gabe Abelson is the A-list writer of late-night television talk show monologues. J Scott Fuqua tells tales with words and illustrations that resurrect a bygone era.

Jay Bonansinga writes The Walking Dead novels.

conversational themes

These writers fixate on stories, read and written. They write what they love, not what they know. They have incredible self-discipline, when it comes to writing. They are eager to go down the rabbit hole after their characters and stories.

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