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“Readers have certain expectations for books about the west. Readers expect a certain style in these books, which isn’t as layered as are mine. My style slows down the reader, yes, making him or her pay more attention to the language as well as the images.”
Bruce Holbert

“If you like someone, you meet them repeatedly and learn more about them. The same should work for a recurring hero, such as Alex Morgan. His character develops across the books, not all at once.”
Chris Allen

“Every woman I thought was a brilliant bad ass, innovative and fearless, finds her way into my characters, male or female.”
Jay Bonansinga

“I pinch myself every day to believe I earn money writing and selling stories. I feel so lucky. When I was a kid, I wanted to write stories for a living. Now I do it.”
Ann Lewis Hamilton

Each of my books starts with an idea. From there, I devise a story that allows me to explore the idea, which I hide, as best as I can. There’s nothing worse I imagine, than for a reader to pick up a book and the foundation idea is in their face on every page.”
J Scott Fuqua

“Most writers don't get the freedom I have. There’s no expectation for me to crank a book a year.”
Victoria Patterson

“The books I write are thrillers that mix history with action, secrets, conspiracies and so forth. I’m not a historian. Nor am I trained as an historian, but I love doing historical research.”
Steve Berry.

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