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“Writing is discipline, not an obsession. Writers can’t become obsessed with writing. Writers must train themselves to adhere to a set of rules, which he or she develops, such as working for so many hours or so many pages each day.”
Steve Berry

“Unintentionally, Sherlock Holmes inspired me to create Mila. After some intricate research, she unravelled how the aliases of the villain always involved the word, ‘wolf,’ no matter the language of the country or region where he did his dirty deeds.”
Chris Allen

“Write what’s inside you. Write what you love. Don’t try to predict what readers want, that’s impossible. Write for yourself. Readers will find your work.”
Steve Berry

“Early in my writing, I think I did what most aspiring writers do. That is, over complicate writing by trying to achieve perfection with their first drafts.”
Chris Allen

“I don’t have a jealous bone in my body. I’m not jealous of anybody. I want to learn, so talking with other authors is important.”
Steve Berry

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15 february 2017

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