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“My dyslexia used to get me down in a small way; it seemed as if I could not leave it behind. I do think dyslexia made me a better writer. I'm more careful, more mindful, more thoughtful.”
J Scott Fuqua

“At one time about four or five years ago, I talked with a literary agent about putting together a collection of essays and articles. He said to me,
‘It’s hard to sell a collection.’ I said to him, ‘You know what? It’s hard to write a collection?’”
Peter Mehlman

“I knew I wanted to explore beyond the boundaries of what readers expect and accept in stories about the American West.”
Bruce Holbert

“Waiting for inspiration is not smart; nothing will happen if you wait. The screen will remain empty. A schedule for writing limits how long I must look at the blank screen.”
Ann Lewis Hamilton

“Literary agents and publishers began calling. It took three months to get to that point from the day I published Blindfolded Innocence. I enjoyed the ride.”
Alessandra Torre

“Write what you love, not necessarily what you know.
I love history.”
Steve Berry

“Experience inspires the stand-up. Perspiration, hard work, drives creation of the monologue.”
Gabe Abelson

“Writing and the harmonica are similar. You try. You try. You try. One day you wake up, the story is in the forefront of your mind or you’re bending harmonica reeds to get the blues of, ‘Little Walter,’”
Jay Bonansinga

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