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“I find parts of a sentence that lead me to
different parts of a character.”
Bruce Holbert

“I don't think the trail of rejection letters will end. I don't know, maybe for some writers, but not for me. I still get rejections; it keeps me on my toes.”
Victoria Patterson

“I was writing, a great deal, for magazines targeted to women. Those magazines were always receptive to an article from a male perspective.”
Peter Mehlman

“I try hard to treat writing as a job. I don't set a daily goal of words or pages. I try to write for eight hours, with periodic breaks to renew my creativity.”
Ann Lewis Hamilton

“My dyslexia used to get me down in a small way; it seemed as if I could not leave it behind. I do think dyslexia made me a better writer. I'm more careful, more mindful, more thoughtful.”
J Scott Fuqua

“I know more ways to blow pink goo out the back of a human head than did Sam Peckinpah.
I must find more ways.”
Jay Bonansinga

“I aim for three thousand words, six days a week,” she says. “I can write anywhere. I’m not easily distracted. Still, 10 pm to 2 am, when the house and dogs are quiet, are my most productive hours.”
Alessandra Torre

“I met my wife, Sara, and bravely raised the issue of me wanting to be writer. It was great to have her, as my muse, go over my work with me.”
Chris Allen

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