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“Should age of main characters be the defining point? Good fiction should be a good read for everybody. A reader should pick up a book and read the jacket, for example. From that blurb, they may decide it’s for him or her, despite her or his age.”
J Scott Fuqua

“For a monologue, the audience needs enough information to solve the equation fast.”
Gabe Abelson

“Maybe it is good that women have no idea how much control they have. How easy is it to manipulate men?”
Alessandra Torre

“I would hope age makes you better. I think age makes me better. My view is better. What I see now, is fuller.”
Peter Mehlman

“I feel strongly, as a writer, that I be a quiet, private observer. I bristle at the thought I'm supposed to be the entertainment, a bustling, witty commenter on Twitter, say, or at a book signing or a television show. Some writers are good at social media razzmatazz. I am not.”
Victoria Patterson

“I think people who don’t write much, can’t believe characters write themselves. Characters start as blank slates. As I write, walls creep up around them.”
J Scott Fuqua

“Storytelling is an ancient oral art form adapted to paper and pixels without losing effect.”
Jay Bonansinga

“On the eighty-sixth time my agent, Pam Ahearn and I sent a manuscript to an editor, it sold. It’s timing.”
Steve Berry

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