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“I sweep in and out of a manuscript, which is how I write. To me, anything that goes as planned is boring.”
Bruce Holbert

“When I read a book at fifteen-years-old, it was one read. When I reread at forty-years-old, it was a different read. I’m different at forty than at fifteen.”
Ann Lewis Hamilton

“I find that, as a nation, we need to watch out for each other. We have to be aware that we are a group of individuals that need to make it together.”
J Scott Fuqua

“Writing is a sensual, almost a sexual act, for me. There’s no need to rush if I keep moving forward.”
Jay Bonansinga

“I didn’t think I had the gift to write. Writing didn’t occur to me. Then I noticed how many books E. L. James, author of, Fifty Shades of Grey, was selling and I read, On Writing, by Stephen King. Without self-publishing, as well, I wouldn't be writing."
Alessandra Torre

“For a monologue, the writer uses the news, from whatever source, which is second-hand experience. She or he takes the major stories, as well as the human-interest stories, and finds a spin. In two or three hours, he or she has twenty jokes.”
Gabe Abelso

“Two business people, I waited on them [in a restaurant] for years, knew I was a struggling writer with no money. Each one offered me office space where I could write, at no charge. It was the first time I wasn't writing in a library next to someone that sat down next to me to strike up a conversation.”
Victoria Patterson

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