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“I advise beginning writers to listen, to eavesdrop on conversations. I don’t think dialogue is a teachable. A writer either has an ear for how people converse, that is, dialogue, or not.”
Ann Lewis Hamilton

“There’s a harmful bromide that urges urging us to write what we know. I ask my college students to write about what they like.”
J Scott Fuqua

“Yes, there’s a certain idea that goes with physical size and expectations. When I first arrived at Iowa, everybody thought I was an idiot. I was a big fellow that wore shorts and a t-shirt when it was hot. I didn’t wear the uniform or look the part of a writer.”
Bruce Holbert

“Every site, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Smash Words, Eye Books, has an easy way to upload for publishing. All the uploading takes a regular Word document. Any writer, with a manuscript in Word, can upload it to the website in five minutes.”
Alessandra Torre

“Most writers play a keyboard as if it were a piano. That’s not me. If I am doing well, sometimes I can get two fingers on each hand working.”
Chris Allen

“I always get sad after I finish a book. I don't know what to do, to fill time right now, but I will find a new book to write.”
Victoria Patterson

“For each novel, I read roughly 400 books.”
Steve Berry

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