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“Writing is an intimate, experiential act. You need to write for you, not for the audience. That’s how I write, for me and if others enjoy the ride, all the better.”
Jay Bonansinga

“In fourth grade, when I was ten, Mrs Hunter, the wife of a local minister, was our substitute teacher. One day she gave a writing assignment. On my essay she wrote, ‘You’re a writer, I see.’”
Bruce Holbert

“There’s much room for some great writing [on television]. At the networks, it’s not pleasant. The present and future are grim for the big networks.”
Peter Mehlman

“Publishing is an adjective. Now, I am a published writer. Once, I was an unpublished writer.
Either way, I’m a writer.”
Victoria Patterson

“When I was a child, everybody read newspapers. It was all about reading and writing. I thought there was nothing else for me to do with my life, but write.”
Ann Lewis Hamilton

“In the 1800s, books were full of story-related drawings. I think it’s time to return to that practice.”
J Scott Fuqua

“In a comedy club, the audience is part of the act. For a comedic play, the role of the audience is to laugh at the right time and place.”
Gabe Abelson

“I was selling three thousand Kindle versions of Blindfolded Innocence a day,”
Alessandra Torre

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